Corporate Event
Round Rock, TX
Nashville, TN
Oklahoma City, OK
Built, 2018

Clients: Dell Inc., Haute Rock Creative
Corporate Sponsors: Intel Inc.
Design + Fabrication: AXO
Consultants / Team: Jerome Morrison, StencilsLab, Jeff Wilkinson, Ian Seyer, Antonio Garcia, Abe Van Vleck
Accessories: Molowall

The Dell Optiplex Event is a traveling showcase of the latest technology and computer accessories at the 25th anniversary of the company, designed for technology sales managers from across the United States.  The event features Dell’s mission to lead sustainable manufacturing and delivery, a concept developed under the lead of Haute Rock Creative, a corporate event branding company based in Round Rock, TX.  Recycled and recyclable materials with low embodied energy, including high-compressive strength honeycomb cardboard pads and biodegradable print media and packaging, were used to generate the entire exhibit as a modular, light-weight and transportable series of event stations.  The stations included a multi-paneled ‘accordion’-style event timeline and a number of vertical displays including retail, education, manufacturing, and healthcare themes, with custom CNC-routed cutout displays to characterize each station.  Over thirty color-coded tables and product display stands were fabricated with the honeycomb material in modular arrays, some featuring illuminated lasercut logos and product banners.