Company Profile


AXO – Architecture Experience Office provides design, project management and consultancy services.  Our company believes in revolutionary design and outstanding quality.  We define our clients’ brand and organizational values through design experiences.  Our design process focuses intently on the needs of our clients, their market and society.  We are committed to delivering work that is relevant, innovative and world-class.

AXO operates a manufacturing and design office based in Miami and Toronto and works globally.

AXO projects include – exhibits at WNDR Museum and EAST Austin Art Festival, competition entries for Pushkinsky Luminary Theater and MOCA TBD Museum, event manufacturing and product launches for Dell Tech Conferences, retail finish-out for Social Coffee Headquarters, and Austin’s Habibi restaurant.


Design Process


Our design work is based on discovery.  We discover what our clients value in each project.  As design agents, we also seek to discover what the project dares to achieve and work to realize it with technical skill.  Through this process, we create a new and meaningful reality.